FIRE RAIDERS USA is a truly unique Fire Industry company. Based in California, USA and connected throughout the world with our various partners we can honestly say that we are a global player. The members of FIRE RAIDERS USA are born and bred out of the Fire Service and have sales and operational experience equal to at least 90 years. We are in a position to supply you with your next Fire Apparatus, or if you so wish provide you with a turnkey solution Fire Service of your own. We at FIRE RAIDERS USA pride ourselves on the fact that we are at the cutting edge of technology in terms of all aspects of the Fire Service.

Our members and partners have served and are serving the Fire Service community daily in Africa, United States, Middle East, Europe and the Far East.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the bravest!

More about Cas Seyffert, President of FIRE RAIDERS USA

Cas Seyffert started his career as professional fire fighter in the South African Air Force in 1979 during the war with Angola. He served on many operational Air force bases as an ARFF Fire Fighter. After completing his military service in 1981 he headed for the civilian Fire Service.

In 1981 he joined the Johannesburg fire dept and progressed to the rank as Sub–officer. Achieved highest marks on his recruit course. Gained extensive experience in high-rise fire fighting during the next 3 years.

In 1984 he joined the Sandton fire department were he remained for 15 years and rose through the ranks to become the Assistant Chief of Operations in 1994. It was during this time (10 Years) that he gained extensive experience in Riot Fire Fighting using specialized Bullet proof Fire Trucks and Landmine Protected Ambulances to Fight Fires and Evacuate patients under Gun Fire in strive torn areas.
He also visited the USA for a 7 weeks study tour and introduced the American System of Truck and Engine Company operations, as well as Incident Command to the South African Fire Service.

In 1997 he left the Sandton Fire Department to start work in the corporate sector as a Fire Apparatus consultant.

During the middle of 1999 he was recruited by the Chief of the United Nations Fire Rescue team and headed of to Yugoslavia in 1999 to become a Captain in the United Nations Fire Rescue Department in Kosovo. He was responsible for Fire Fighter training of Albanian and Serbian Nationals with the aid of an interpreter.

Was awarded a Medal for Service Excellence by General Reinhardt of Allied Land Forces Europe for services rendered to Kosovo.

On returning he joined the Training Guys” as an Instructor and taught Fire Fighters in Nigeria, Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Tanzania, Ghana and South Africa in Fire Suppression, Rescue, Technical Rescue, Incident Command and ARFF operations.

During 2005 he attended the University of Pretoria to complete a Project Management Course and subsequently became the Project Manager for Fire Raiders in Johannesburg. Fire Raiders is the largest Fire Apparatus manufacturer in South Africa.

During his period as Project Manager he developed three niche products of his own for the African market in the shape of Command unit, swop body ambulance as well as a Rapid Intervention Unit.

During February of 2006, Cas and his family relocated to the United States. Seeing a niche in the market Cas founded FIRE RAIDERS USA.


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